27 Jan 2012

Hey there good people.

OK, so I know I have not been back here in a dogs age but that's all gonna change. Forgive me. As the clock ticks and the Facebook "Timeline" moves in I have decided to come back to my blog and will use this place as one of my daily avenues of rhetoric again.
While I have been gone so much has transpired including me moving back to the USA on a permanent basis. I have now created a web platform where all chopperheads and MC enthusiasts can convene and feel safe. It is kinda like Facebook but has way better options and is not watched by the Feds.. As FB is going to be after next week.
You can join up and be a member. This will allow you to use the site as if it were your own. Create your own profile page, start your own groups//forums etc. Post your pics, vids and notes. We have a live chat room and on certain nights we have guest hosts. Some top builders and some of the MC worlds best magazine staff.
The sky's the limit. So come on over and join up at
Do it now!! we got it all going on. E.D.